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'A chef's creation'

Spaghettini Jazz and Grill photoshoot. Whether I am capturing the thrill of a high-speed action shot or the warmth and nuance of a chef’s creation a broad range of skills are needed for successful consummation. "It takes hard work to make it simple."   This photoshoot included a mix of disciplines of plated food photography, beer & wine pours, mixed drink crafting, food prepping, executive portraiture, lifestyle captures, and jazz musicians. You could say it had it all.     Drink pours and serving shots require getting it right on the first take or two. Capturing at the peak moment can be make or break. With the executive portraiture the goal was to capture the inviting staff in their work environment.    I chose to use my Hasselblad X1D2 for its medium format tonal range and incredible lens sharpness. A lens focal range of 35-75mm lens provided the right flexibility and dynamic look. The location had many wonderful scenes to photograph. I added accent light to create a

Satori. Photographing deep presence; no mind.

About this personal project. The Japanese Buddhists have a spiritual word; ‘Satori’ -translating to ‘deep presence; with no mind.’  I feel there are two sides to me as a photographic artist; a real Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde.  There is within me a highly technical trained commercial photographer; with which I have been current and successful at. And then there’s another personality, the conceptual photographic artist, a visionary; that can be fearfully, sent into hiding collecting dust and cobwebs....  To read more about the process of this project scroll to end. Satori 1/9.  333 West Ocean Blvd. Long Beach. The first in this series hat draw took me to 333 West Ocean Blvd. in downtown Long Beach on Wednesday, March 23rd. at 10:59 am. It was a demolition construction site with lots of surrounding activity and photography opportunities.  477 images were captured.  444 images hit the cutting room floor. 33 images were selected for the first draft. 3 final images were chosen. Satori 2/9.  Po