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'Twenty-eight hundred light bulbs'

"Eric, we want to do a photoshoot for a year end holiday greeting with the new Hyundai Ioniq 5 ...basically, plug the car into a 12’ Christmas tree, simulate a pulse of power coming out of the cord to light up a the tree. This will be an animated GIF. This needs to look like it's parked in a snowy wintery scene with a row of pine trees or a forest clearing."–Jason Johnson, A.D .   Studio or location?   After mulling it over a bit with the Art Director and Art Buying, we settled on the idea that creative control would be allowed by shooting the car in the studio rather than on location. Additional considerations included a fast-approaching deadline, no snow in Southern California, and covid stipulations in full effect. Shooting in the studio also provided cost savings over a full location shoot.   CGI background plate.   I immediately contacted a trusted retouching and CGI ally, artist Alan Gilles. Alan began work immediately on the CGI environment. Our plan was to walk in