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'Grace under pressure'

I am frequently asked... “What was the most difficult photo you have ever taken?”  I am a very prepared photographer, but that doesn’t mean challenges don’t arise from time to time. Lots of preparation, thought, and backup equipment goes with me to every shoot. I analyze and visualize the shoot prior to the shoot date to ensure I am fully prepared. However, thanks to sufficient preparation, some high-stakes, pressure cooker photoshoots yielded some of my portfolio’s strongest images.  “If something is on fire, about to explode, or can only happen once, Eric is the only man we call to shoot it…” –Thad Jackson, Creative Director.  Jesse James /  Folsom Prison   “You need to stay ducked down in the car as I drive for the TV cameras.” I clicked away at random not sure precisely of what I was capturing. I kept my lens pointed and focused at Jesse’s face. As luck would have it, he turned and looked over his shoulder at me for about 1 second. I was ready for the image you see here, which i

'There's more to taking a photograph than taking a photograph'

I think actually pressing the shutter button on the camera during photoshoots might only be 15% of the entire assignment. There is so much more to making a photoshoot happen than just capturing a single scene. Preparation by me and an entire team of people can take days or even weeks. Before showing up to the studio on shoot day, talent is secured, wardrobe is selected, props are researched and collected, additional studio equipment is rented, and the photo crew is booked. Styling or the look of a shoot can make the difference between an OK shot and a home run. Scenic artists, wardrobe stylists, and hair and make-up professionals are also part of a successful crew. Production books are created for the team which contains outlines, directions, maps, call times, and other details that ensure the entire crew and client team are working from the same playbook. The shoot happens in one or several (usually long) days, but the job is not complete. Post-production can take at least a day or tw