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Satori. Photographing deep presence; no mind.

About this personal project. The Japanese Buddhists have a spiritual word; ‘Satori’ -translating to ‘deep presence; with no mind.’  I feel there are two sides to me as a photographic artist; a real Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde.  There is within me a highly technical trained commercial photographer; with which I have been current and successful at. And then there’s another personality, the conceptual photographic artist, a visionary; that can be fearfully, sent into hiding collecting dust and cobwebs....  To read more about the process of this project scroll to end. Satori 1/9.  333 West Ocean Blvd. Long Beach. The first in this series hat draw took me to 333 West Ocean Blvd. in downtown Long Beach on Wednesday, March 23rd. at 10:59 am. It was a demolition construction site with lots of surrounding activity and photography opportunities.  477 images were captured.  444 images hit the cutting room floor. 33 images were selected for the first draft. 3 final images were chosen. Satori 2/9.  Po